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wanting to help the unwanted... Volunteer Spotlight
My name is Kara and I had my first feral colony many moons ago, around 1993.  There was no FFF, not even a KFCF, so I made every mistake possible!!  I had just moved to a little farm in Hardin Valley, and shortly noticed all the cats across the street.  I introduced myself to Nell and Granny, and asked about the cats.  "...Are they fixed?  No?  Well, maybe I can help you with that..."  Then the real trouble started!  Found a place cheap enough for me to afford to fix ~15 cats.  This was also waaay before Feral Fixins or the Spay Shuttle!  It was pretty slim pickins back then!  Then I learned all the wrong ways to catch feral cats.  You cannot pick them up!!  Ouch!  But after making every wrong move in the book, I finally had all the cats TNRed.  I moved from Hardin Valley a couple years later, and took all the surviving cats with me.  More mistakes.  In spite of me, most of them stayed.  Since this greatly multiplied my cat family, I vowed to never deal with another feral colony again!!  They would surely find out where I live. Then a couple years ago, a neighbor pointed out a colony at Pilot.  Ugh.  Not that again.  But I figured if I did not help, no one would.  That put me back into TNR.  But I still really try to avoid having my own colony.  I don’t want to name them, worry about them, all of which leads to bringing them home!!  I will help anyone who is willing to continue to care for a colony.  It does pain me to look at all the mistakes I have made over the years.  I hope the cats forgive me, and know that I have learned the lessons they taught me.  Cats are beautiful creatures, and have much to teach, if only we will listen.
Editor’s note:  We call Kara one of the “Master Trappers”.  She will go anywhere, any time, any place to help anyone trap a cat.  She is also very creative in her trapping, i.e., see picture of how to trap a cat on the roof of a house.  Thanks Kara, for all you do to help take care of the kitties in this area!!
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wanting to help the unwanted…..