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wanting to help the unwanted...
My name is Mike and I've been active with Feral Feline Friends for about ten years now, although it doesn't seem that long. Even though I've always liked animals (especially cats!), I got started doing TNR quite by accident. One day as I was arriving at work in Oak Ridge one morning in 2002, I saw a Tortie female in the parking lot, obviously pregnant. I thought, "What's she doing here? There's no houses anywhere close. Boy, she needs all the help she can get." The next day I set out a bowl of dry food and fresh water. I saw her periodically over the next week or so, after which she appeared smaller, having the kittens hid somewhere. I named her Millie, and continued putting out food and water for her. Then I thought, "Hey, I know! After the kittens are weaned, I'll trap her, have her spayed, and bring her back! Then she won't have to deal with this anymore." I was proud of myself for having such a neat (yes) and original (hardly) idea. When I began to see her three kittens coming out with her to eat, I borrowed a single door Havahart from a coworker who trapped groundhogs out of his garden (don't ask). I got Millie and one of her kittens on my first attempt, took them to Central Vet in Knoxville to have them checked out and get Millie spayed. I was fortunate to have a coworker who had a friend in Lenoir City who took all three kittens and provide them with a good home. Another coworker mentioned that he thought there was a small group in Knoxville who did this sort of neuter-and-return deal. I  thought, "Really!? I've got to check this out!" I found there was a group called Knoxville Feral Cat Feeders (now we're Feral Feline Friends of E. TN), and went to one of their meetings. The rest, as they say, is history. I had found my calling, and I've been doing TNR ever since.  It can take a lot of time and resources, but is very rewarding. I currently feed about 40 cats in colonies of various sizes in Karns, Oak Ridge, west of Oak Ridge, and here in Powell.
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wanting to help the unwanted…..