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Barn Cat Program

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Do You Have a Barn?

We have working cats looking for employment! FFF has cats that would love to be on patrol and provide you with an environmentally safe solution for your mouse, mole, and vermin problems! Our cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. We require you to keep them contained for four weeks to properly acclimate to their new home and provide them with ongoing food and water. If you’re interested in learning more about our barn cat program, send us a message on Facebook or email info@feralfelinefriends.org!

Why Adopt a Barn Cat?

Barn cats benefit their caretakers! Supporting a barn cat is the safest way to control the rodent population in your barn. They will help keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas, and you'll enjoy watching the cats as well as have the satisfaction of giving them a much-needed home! Barn cat temperaments range from feral to friendly. All of our barn cats have been spayed/neutered and immunized.

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What Will You Need To Provide?

You will need to furnish food and water daily on an ongoing basis. Cats may be good mousers, but we cannot guarantee that. Catching rodents is sport for cats, but it doesn't supply their nutritional needs. Barn cats need safe shelter from the elements and predators, away from heavy traffic areas too!

A safe transition process includes securing them for four weeks in their new location. Large cages (which Feral Feline Friends provides) within the barn or sheltered area work well. During this time, you'll need to feed and scoop their litter boxes daily. But don't worry - we'll transport the felines to you and set everything up to get you started!

Any Tips For Success?

You'll have the best chance of the cats staying if you keep them caged for four weeks. Establish a routine for feeding, and shake the food bag or call "kitty kitty" every time you feed while they're acclimating. Continue the routine once the cats have been released so they will know when it's time to eat.

We also recommend at least two cats be housed together. Cats are social animals, and the move will be easier for them if they have a buddy!

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