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I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Leonidas has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the pups currently available.

Leonidas “Leo” is a sweet, friendly little guy, running up for pets and attention. He has a beautiful soft striking medium length coat with a feathery tail. Leo loves following his foster parents around. He has a lot of kitten in him and enjoys playing, especially with wand toys.

When Leo went in for his neuter surgery, the vet noted he walked with his weight on the back of his paw pads. A follow-up visit with UT vets determined there was nothing to worry about, he was just born that way. You may not even notice, and he sure doesn’t as he runs around playing and begging for attention.

In addition to loving people, Leo really enjoys palling around with the other foster cats. He wants to be right next to them. Even the standoff-ish cats can’t say “no” to his loving and playful antics and give in to playing with him. A good home for him would be one with another cat friendly cat who also would do well with a buddy.

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