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I've found my furever family!

Orange Juice

We're happy to tell you that Orange Juice has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the pups currently available.

Mr. Orange Juice is all the orange cat stereotypes rolled into one! He is sweet and loving, but derpy enough to forget sometimes and hisses when he means to purr. He is playful and silly most of the time, then can be found staring into the distance like he’s having deep thoughts - but we’re pretty sure he really is not. He loves other cats, and honestly believes they will all love him if he just tries harder and gets in their personal space a little bit closer. He gets scared when big dogs walk towards him, but then he walks right under them and can’t figure out how they got there. He imagines himself to be proud and noble, but gets all soft and wiggly when you laugh at/with him for being cute and foolish. He’s delightfully irresistible!

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