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This lovely soul has passed over the rainbow bridge and is with us now in our memory and in spirit. If you are looking for to share your life with a cat like Rambler, please visit our Available Cats Page

Rambler was in horrible shape when we found him. We really weren’t sure of his future, but working with our dedicated vets, Rambler recovered and is ready to find a forever home. Rambler is an easy cat, enjoying his cat naps during the day. He also gets really excited for wet cat food, which he gets twice a day in his foster home. Bring out the wand toy and Rambler brings out the kitten inside him. Rambler is also FIV positive, but as we know he can live in a home with non-FIV cats. Rambler enjoys being with people and especially loves pets. He lives with other cats and dogs in his foster home and does fine.

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